Forest Schools

Harmonise with your natural surroundings

Children undertaking outdoor activities in nature appear to improve symptoms of ADHD by 30% compared to urban outdoor activities and threefold compared to the indoor environment.
- RSPB, 2007. 

Treejumpers are able to offer a range of Bushcraft and Wilderness courses which allow participants to enjoy time in their natural surrounding, developing skills and engaging with the environment to bring satisfaction in it's simplest form.

We have a range of courses available and can also deliver Curriculum based courses for Early Years, Primary and Secondary education in line with Forest Schools principles- we are constantly developing our portfolio and welcome enquiries from any organisations wishing to utilise the park, riverside and woodland spaces that we have available here at The Hop Farm.

Marshmellow Toasting

The Importance of Forest Schools Education

A Summary of potential benefits of forest schools (Sam Massey, Worcestershire LEA):

. The forest school program evolves from the needs of the child and includes the child's interests.

. Children developed good self esteem in a climate of small achievable steps

. Provides a real context for language

. Provides the practitioner with an alternative view of the child and further insights into a child's particular development.

. Beneficial to a child's all round development, particularly in the areas of personal, social and emotional, language and communication.

. Underpins the principles laid down in the foundation stage guidelines.

. The forest school experience has been very well received by all those involved in it.

. Provides opportunities for the children to take risks, problem solve and use thinking skills.

. Complements learning in the classroom and can be transferred.